Floyd Mayweather’s Bet Leads to Biggest Payout in History!

The iconic bet in question is labeled as boxing’s biggest investment and it is the $750,000 bet the 38-year-old prize fighter Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather bet on himself back in 2006 which would eventually lead to him becoming boxing’s biggest and richest star. Floyd Mayweather is fast becoming a force to reckon with after a landmark buy-in.

In 2005, Mayweather featured in his first two pay-per view fights. The first was against Arturo Gatti and then Zabb Judah a year later, a fight that would change the face of boxing history. Since then, Mayweather has gone from strength to strength. More so, he has become a legend in the ranks of Muhammed Ali.

Floyd Mayweather - Canada

Floyd Mayweather’s Strategic Bet

Envisioning himself a headliner who could make “nine figures” in a single bout Floyd marched into Top Rank’s Offices, the company responsible for promoting Mayweather’s fights at the time and handed them a $750,000 cheque. The amount was part of a unique opt-out clause in his contract with Top Rank that let him pay $750,000 to get out of his promotion contract. From then on the mercurial Mayweather would call his own shots and promote his own fights starting with his fight against Carlos Baldomir. In that fight, the welterweight champion pocketed $8 million. More than double what he was earning over his last fights with Top Rank.

Today he is boxing’s wealthiest sportsman and tops Forbes list of highest paid athletes in world. In 2013, Mayweather netted $41.5 million and an additional $30 million on top of that from his cut of the fight’s revenue. To date Mayweather has netted $420 million in earnings during his career with more than 90% of that total earned since he started calling his own shots thanks to a $750,000 bet he took on himself! For more Canadian casino news, keep visiting Maple Casino.