Man Donates His Fortune after Winning $14.3m at Casino

A Las Vegas man, who requested his name to be withheld (perhaps wisely), landed $14,3 million after a lucky spin on a slot machine. The man has reportedly decided to donate much of the winnings to worthy causes – an example of one big winner who, instead of spending lavishly on fancy sports cars and diamond-studded suits, decided to help others.

Man to Donate Fortune CA

Decision to Donate

NBC News reported that the local man was not a regular gambler. In fact, he was only at Rampart Casino to spend some time with his best friend who was in town for a visit. He reportedly decided to play Megabucks while enjoying an evening out. Within minutes of putting in some money, he reportedly saw $14,282,544.21 flash across the top of the machine.

Rampart Casino spokesperson, Jenifer Smith, told Yahoo News, “It’s just a great story for this time of year… He doesn’t really play Megabucks, he just put $20 in the machine and it hit.”

In addition to charity donations, the ‘lucky local’, as he was dubbed on the oversized cheque, also plans to pay for the construction of a new church for his congregation. Who currently hold their services in a high school gymnasium – according to Yahoo News.

Other Lucky Winner Donations

Although perhaps most who strike big money in a casino or lottery discover a new-found passion for a high life full of shiny, expensive things (and who are we to judge, we all enjoy having nice things). Some, however, discover a passion for philanthropy, deriving more pleasure from seeing the difference they can make in the lives of others.

Another big winner who recently made headlines with a gesture of astounding selflessness was a French man (also opting for anonymity) who won €72 million in the EuroMillions lottery in May of this year. He decided that €12 million was more than enough for him and gave €50 million to a dozen NGOs working on behalf of the disadvantaged.

A Northern Ireland couple, Mary and Alexander Hamilton, who won €13 million from the EuroMillions in November, have reportedly pledged to help the customers and workers of their furniture business from which they have now retired. In addition, Mary Hamilton told The Guardian that they would be doing their part to help the local economy which had been suffering lately.

A massive, life-changing windfall doesn’t always guarantee happiness, but doing something good with it and helping people in need… well maybe that will. At the very least, it could ensure a guilt-free conscience with which to enjoy the remainder of the wealth.