Malta Gaming Authority Reviewing Gambling Regulations

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), an independent body responsible for the regulation of gambling activities in the country, announced that it had begun reviewing Malta’s current gambling laws which would be updated in the coming months.

Malta Gaming Authority Reviewing Gambling Regulations

Speaking to members of the media, a representative from the gambling regulator informed that MGA had begun the process of reviewing the regulations since 2013 and if approved will permit the Gambling regulating body to exercise more authority.

“The legislative update was by no means related to the so-called Operation Gambling, which was carried out earlier in August and resulted in the arrest of 41 suspects and the closure of a number of betting companies, with Betsolutions4U Ltd. and Uniq Group Ltd. being among those,” this is according to the MGA representative.

An example of increased supremacy would be the control over the Maltese gambling market and the introduction of additional measures for the protection of the gaming customers.

Malta’s gambling regulation are regarded as both being strict and yet accommodating enough to facilitate the country’s gambling industry to thrive and turn into an economic stronghold. This is a testament owing to the fact that Malta was among the first to start regulating its online gambling segment with the so-called Lotteries and Other Games Act which formed the framework in attracting many more foreign operators.

Malta has one of the fastest growing gambling industries in the world and thus has one of the strictest regulators. This also means that their laws are updated on a regular basis. Malta is able to stay abreast of current online gaming improvements. Gambling operators, globally, have shown an interest in broadening their operations to the island. Reviewing Malta laws also means that they will secure effortless gaming operations from operators that are already established as well as those that are yet to start their services in Malta.