Luckboxes: a Comedy Poker Series

Luckboxes is a comedy poker series developed by Ryan Firpo. The series has not officially been released having only just finished the filming and production of the Pilot episode in September. Luckboxes also has no official Premier date as of yet. The series, however, is expected to be available to stream online.
Luckboxes Series Image
Luckboxes is inspired by Firpo’s documentary revolving around the Online Poker industry, “Bet Raise Fold”.Utilizing all the information and interesting personalities Firpo met while filming the documentary, he was able to formulate memorable characters that would aid the creation of Luckboxes.Luckboxes revolves around the story of two brothers who face a large dose of reality as they embark on the journey of becoming adults. Unfortunately, for the two brothers they soon discover that they must save their childhood home from foreclosure, albeit during the Great Recession.The lead character, Ariel Reynolds, played by Taylor Cross is one of the brothers. He gets a job as a furniture salesman where he meets Zoe (Samantha Jayne). As luck would have, Zoe is one of the most revered and feared online poker players. Zoe runs a professional poker playing syndicate where the brothers get to join the team and hopefully make some money during the recession.