Letsbet Online Site

LetsBet is a new online casino site which is being launched early 2018. So, Canadian online casino gamblers can look forward to being provided with many more online options when it comes to online slots and table games. The online site aims to present players with a social atmosphere, done through live streaming and player gamification utilities.


Social Aspects

Michael Pedersen, the co-founder of LetsBet recently discussed the social aspects of online casino gaming. He feels that players are interested in the fun side of gambling, such as the socialisation it provides, when it comes to brick-and-mortar casinos. Therefore, LetsBet is focusing on bringing the social atmosphere of land-based casinos to online gaming, meaning that they plan on providing more social activities through live-streaming.

Petersen Speaks

Petersen feels that online casino operators should use live-streaming to increase their game players. Petersen stated that: “So far, people are using live streaming for casino dealings, so there will be some exciting stuff out there. Its social aspects, social features… there’s so much happening with Twitch.” For those online gamblers who do not know, Twitch is owned by Amazon.com subsidiary, Twitch interactive and focuses on a live-streaming video platform.

Background of Letsbet

LetsBet is a soon to be launched online casino site that is focused on providing live-streamed casino games. The online site is founded by two men, Michael Pedersen, who used to work for NetEnt as a software provider. The second is Stefan Lind, who formerly worked for LeoVegas AB as an operations lead. Together, the two feel that they can combine their knowledge of online casinos and create a successful online casino.

There is very little disclosed about the online site. However, upon visiting the site, you will see that LetsBet is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and will have banking options such as Visa, Paysafecard and Mastercard, among other banking options.