LeBron James is the Sports star of the moment

LeBron James is not just a basketball player; he is thee basketball player. So, it would come as no surprise that he would be among the favourites to win the NBA MVP. Winning the NBA MVP would make it Lebron’s fifth time!

If you didn’t already know, LeBron James is Cleveland Cavaliers’ forward and is not only known for his on-court skills. In fact, off the court he has amassed substantial amounts of wealth from endorsements, most recently he has taken a stand in American politics too. When questioned about his stance given his celebrity status, he said “It’s my responsibility, I believe that I was put here for a higher cause. We have people that have been in higher positions that chose to do it and chose not to do it”.

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He is mentioned in the Times 100 Most Influential list in April this year and named ‘greatest living athlete’ in GQ’s 60th-anniversary edition. Now he is set to be a favourite for NBA MVP 2017. The feature in GQ magazine involved following LeBron from Los Angeles to NYC to Toronto, Canada and back again. But, for the person they have termed the ‘Greatest Living Athlete’, this was short work.

Despite Lebron’s demi-god like status, he does have rivals for the NBA MVP. Read on for more.

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LeBron James not the only favourite

While the odds are in favour of Lebron winning, he is joined by San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard with the same odds of a 4-1 pick to win. Moreover, LeBron started off with odds of 7-1!

Other players that are in the running to win include, MVP 2016 Russell Westbrook, who started at 7-2, just behind LeBron. Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant was pre-season darling at 4-1. However, he bounced to 9-2. James Harden and social media favourite Steph Curry are at 8-1 and 12-1 respectively.

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