Microgaming to Launch Jurassic World Online Slot

With the success of the Jurassic Park Online Slot, a new Jurassic World themed Video Slot could be in the works. The Universal film (released in 2015) proved to be a blockbuster that garnered such popularity, a Slot Game would’ve been the most likely next step. However, it’s nearly a year down the line, and still no Jurassic World Online Slot. Better late than never though!


Microgaming gave life to the Jurassic Park Online Slot that boasted key scenes and elements from the actual film. The Slot game is still a popular favourite among Online Gamblers and can be found at Maple Casino. The Jurassic Park Online Slot was released in 2014 and is 5 Reel 243 Ways Video Slot that features the terrifying T-Rex from the film. The Jurassic World Online Slot would seem to be a nice addition to the Jurassic Park Online Slot.

Microgaming have announced a deal with Universal for the license of a brand new Online Slot Game. However, while the deal has been announce, unfortunately, the exact release day hasn’t.

Jurassic Park Online Slot

At least we have the Jurassic Park Online Slot to keep us busy while we wait in anticipation for the Jurassic World Slot Game release. You can find these great features in the Jurassic Park Online Slot offered at Maple Casino.

  • Scatter Symbol
  • Wild Symbol
  • Free Spin Feature
  • Mystery Multiplier

If you haven’t tried the Jurassic Park Online Slot yet, it’s definitely worth more than a few spins. Especially, if you’re fan of the franchise! Check out the promo video for the Jurassic Park Slot below.