Japan Casinos and Casino Resorts to be Legalised

The Japanese government has decided to lift its ban on casinos and casino style gambling resorts; offering poker games. This is exciting news for all our Canadian readers and gambler across the globe with interests in visiting this modern Asian destination.

Avid Japanese poker players are known to travel for gambling purposes; gamble in different casinos all over the world. Therefore, the proposed bill is welcomed by government, as it hopes the bill will increase the number of tourists; thereby improving the country’s economy.

Legalise Japan Casinos and Gambling

Why was the Japan Casinos Ban Introduced?

Although Japan is a very modern country, it’s also quite conservative. Therefore, it makes sense that the government would ban gambling games like poker.  The only forms of gambling allowed in Japan are a traditional pinball-like game; Pachinko, lotteries, betting on horses and motor races. These are considered amusements and not necessarily gambling.

Pachinko in particular rewards its players with tokens which are exchanged for prizes not cash. The locals have found loopholes in the system that allow them to exchange the tokens for cash. They have set up exchange parlours separate from the Pachinko parlours themselves to swap the tokens for cash. However, a casino game  like poker follows a different gameplay that requires wagering of real money.

What would the legalisation of Japan Casinos and Gambling Resorts Mean for Japan and its Visitors?

Casino operators, local, international and online casino operators, are anticipating the legalisation of the bill with keen interest. The Japanese market is virtually untapped in terms of casinos and gambling. Japan obviously has an appetite for casinos and gambling given the Pachinko parlours and the underground casinos.

However, the revenue from the underground casinos in Japan is not regulated.  Legalising casino resorts holds several benefits. The establishment of these casinos resorts in Japan’s major cities will create more jobs. International casino operators looking to set up in Japan will increase foreign investment in the country. Just the construction alone of these casino resorts in Japan is projected to generate over CA$58billion in economic activity. Another CA$23billion is expected yearly once the casinos are open.  Casino poker tournaments always attract huge numbers of international poker players and spectators. This will boost tourism and the local economy via the revenue created.

The lifting of the ban is especially great for Japanese tourists as they will be able to enter the casinos for free. The average Japanese client will have to pay to enter and can only go to the casino a limited number of times per week and month.