First Ever Japanese Casino Resort on the Cards

It’s been a landmark year in the gambling industry for new casinos and legislation. In Japan especially, the plans for their first casino resort are well underway. Following a decision made by Japanese officials in 2016, gambling was legalised in the island nation. In 2017, legislators have been drafting new laws for casinos and other gambling houses in the country.

The laws are set to be reviewed during the second session of the Japanese Diet after failing reviews earlier this year. During the Extraordinary Diet Session of Japanese parliament, the second draft of the bill is expected to include important regulations. Once the bill is passed, lawmakers in Japan will have to decide on the first casino operator to be awarded a license in Japan. Read on for more.

Japanese Casino Resort - Canada

Casino Resort Locations

Part of the Extraordinary Diet Session’s responsibilities this autumn will be to decide where the new casino resorts will be located. With bids from operators ranging all over Japan, the first casino resort will need to be in a popular tourist location. However, there are a few facility requirements put in place for any bids made by offshore operators.  These requirements are listed below, and will likely be added to before December.

  • A convention centre
  • Recreation facilities
  • A travel agency
  • Hotels
  • Limited casino floor space

Proposed locations include venues in Osaka, on the man-made island of Yumeshima and Rinku Town in Izumisano City. Both locations are only a few minutes away from the Kansai International Airport. Additionally, Wakayama Marina City has been suggested by local officials due to its proximity to the airport. Kansai International Airport sees over 6 million travellers a year, so there should be no shortage of visitors.

More Casino Resort Proposals

As we’ve said, the location of Japan’s first casino resort is up to the Diet to decide. They will also have to decide on gambling addiction policies and other regulations for Japanese gamblers during the session. More so, another law was passed to lower the ‘adult’ age of Japan to 18. However, Japanese players must be over the age of 20 to be able to participate in gambling.