Infographic – Your Brain On Games

How do you react to winning or losing when you are gambling? What is the optimum sleep level you need in order to have the most pleasurable and lucrative casino gaming experience? The following infographic provides a birds-eye view of the way our brain reacts when you gamble. It also shows you how to create the optimum gambling experience based on the levels of sleep you attain and the amount you gamble.

Infographic for CA Players

Wouldn’t it be a treat to learn exactly how well your brain works under different circumstances while playing different online casino games. Better yet, wouldn’t it be ideal to know how your brain works to ensure that your are functioning on all cylinders to better your chances of winning your favourite online casino games? Well this info-graphic provided below, will give you some great tips so that you can get the very best out of your brain, to hopefully give you pockets that will jingle with casino chips all the way to the cashiers counter!

Infographic - Your Brain On Games CA

Your Brain On Games in a Nutshell

So, who knew that so many factors could influence your gameplay at your favourite online casino games? To think that aspects such as sleep, the prospect of winning and losing, the amount of real money that is being wagered, as well as the frequency of your gambling, all plays a part in your success when playing casino games. We at Maple Casino, wish that all of our readers could become winners at their chosen top Canadian Casino. That is why we recommend that you try each of the steps mentioned in the above info-graphic to assist you in becoming a winner at your favourite slot or table game. Not only will your dopamine levels increase, but the cash in your pocket should too!