Hurricane Irma Causes Casinos to Shut Down

Hurricane Irma has resulted in devastation in the Caribbean and the USA, with at least ten dead and a whole island (Barbuda) severely damaged. The hurricane is recorded as the strongest storm to date that has hit the Atlantic in over ten years, shattering the land with strong winds of 289 kmh.

Hurricane Irma Causes Casinos to Shut Down.

Hurricane Irma – How Casinos and Poker Rooms are affected

Although losing at least ten lives is the utmost distressing part of this natural disaster, economic damage is also hefty in the places that have been affected by Hurricane Irma. Consequentially, all this will only be measured and calculated once the dust has settled and the storm has calmed down.

More so, both; poker rooms and casinos have been significantly affected by this hurricane as well. This counts for loss of income and damaged properties. A report made recently stated that a small group of poker fanatics had to unwillingly put their plans on hold the moment the storm reached its maximum. They had planned to go for a seafaring poker tournament.

Furthermore, Florida Casinos in the USA have been making necessary arrangements as Irma has been resulting in extensive damages. A poker event in Florida has been cancelled because of the weather and the potential risks of injury or even death that might affect players from all over who would have travelled specifically for the tournament.

Hurricane Irma – Casinos and Poker Rooms affected.

Additionally, the WPT (World Poker Tournament) DeepStacks tournament was meant to take place in the first weeks of September. However, these plans were quickly dropped because of the intensifying fears of Hurricane Irma’s battering winds.


Though the hurricane has been confirmed to have hit the Caribbean and the United States East Coast, it’s important to know that casinos worldwide are not immune to natural disasters. A few weeks back, local casinos in Macau had to close their doors to a huge typhoon that had hit the region. As a result, CA$1.87 billion was spent on damages.