Golden Era Slots Review

Get whisked away to the magical world of Hollywood during a golden age for the silver screen with Golden Era Slots, where leading men and leading ladies brought the most romantic films of all time to life. Here is a game that breathes fresh life into that magical age and does so while offering real rewards.

golden era slot

Golden Era Slots

This game deserves the red carpet treatment and players will quickly see why. This 5 x 3 Reel, fixed 15-Line Slot allows players to experience a taste of vintage Hollywood at its finest, and there are rewards on offer that, with a little luck, could have any players feeling like glamorous stars themselves. In fact, Golden Era offers a very accessible minimum bet of 0.15, a relatively low admission fee.

In the base game a full steller cast of special features join forces to create some truly incredible entertainment. When 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appear the Bonus Selection Screen will be triggered where the player can choose 1 of 2 Bonus features. Choosing the Free Spins feature will trigger 12 Free Spins with Merging Wild Reels that share the screen with a variable Multiplier. The Double Feature Bonus option will trigger 10 Bonus picks in the form of movie posters. Behind each is a prize of varying value with 8 cash prizes, a 2x Multiplier and an item that will end the Bonus after awarding a cash prize.

The game’s look and feel is, for lack of a better word, cinematic. And not just in the vein of any old popcorn flick – this is a truly classy cinema experience from the world of Ingrid Bergman or Clark Gable. The gold trim on the edge of the reels and screen, as well as the classical style of lettering, evoke the feel of vintage luxury and ultimately creates a very rich and sophisticated look.

Of course no film would be complete without a powerful cinematic score and the soundtrack of Golden Era is classical and most fitting. From the Base Game to the Bonus features, the soundtrack remains old-fashioned yet upbeat, making for an immersive gaming experience.

Golden Era is a not a particularily complicated game and so new players need not feel intimidated. This game offers a rewarding experience for players of all skill levels and the overall entertainment value puts it in the ranks of the instant classics.