Gambler is Denied Million Dollar Jackpot Win

Jerry Rape, an Alabama gambler has been avidly trying for seven years to claim the Poarch Creek Indians Casino $1.37 million (CA$1.71 million) Bingo Jackpot, which he had won in 2011.

Gambler Jackpot denied

Setting the Scene

It was 2011, and Rape had just inserted a $5 into the ‘slot-like’ machine. Only to find out mere seconds later, thanks to the sirens and lights, that he was in fact a winner.

As reported and documented in court, the machine initially displayed a jackpot of $459 000 (CA$574 461), soon after it showed $918 000 (CA$1 148 922) and lastly it featured a ‘payout multiplier of $1.37 million.

After this had all occurred and Rape was jumping for joy, he was made to wait an excruciating, 24 hours, for casino officials to analyse his payout ticket. To which they came to the decision that the machine had malfunctioned.

Gambler Takes Matters to Court

Within the seven-year struggle of Rape trying to claim his winnings, he sued and made countless appeals. However, on Friday the 28th of September, it was announced by the Alabama Supreme Court that Rape could not sue the tribe. Reason being as that, due to the federal judicial system, sovereign immunity is awarded to the tribe.

The judge further stated to Rape that the only way he could continue to take the matter further would be to petition the tribe itself, through a tribal court. Unfortunately, he had already tried this and been unsuccessful.

Unfortunately for the gambler, he had spent thousands of dollars trying to chase what should have been a win of over a million dollars, instead it was a chase of a $5 loss.


According to most casinos, there are signs displayed above the casino games that ‘Malfunctions void all pays and plays’, so regardless of the casino that he had entered, this gambler was most likely to lose out. Unfortunately, these things happen and Rape is not the only gambler to fall victim to a malfunction like this one.