Ex-Boyfriend Sued by Woman Over CA$6.1 Mil Lottery Win

A Canadian woman is reportedly suing her ex-boyfriend claiming that he owes her half of his lottery winnings. During their time together, the couple had always bought lottery tickets to which they had agreed to split any of the winnings made on their tickets.

Ex-boyfriend lottery

Battle of the Exes

On Monday, Denise Robertson filed a claim against her ex-boyfriend Maurice Thibeault in Windsor, Ontario. Of the CA$6.1 million that her ex had won, she would like to claim half. In addition to this, the feuding ex-girlfriend would like to claim an extra half a million Canadian Dollars in what she claims to be punitive damages. This particular law case accuses ex Thibeault of his breach in trust as well as unjust enrichment.

So, the story goes like this; in September of 2017, Thibeault bought a 6/49 lotto ticket that landed up being one of the winning two to split the jackpot prize. At this point in time, the couple were still living together and had been doing so for the past two years. Robertson claimed that she and her ex would buy tickets together and discuss what they as a couple would spend their potential winnings on. Shortly after Thibeault had bought the ticket, Robertson heard on the radio that someone in Chatham, her hometown, had won one of the tickets. It was then that she messaged Thibeault to check his ticket. He responded, telling her that he hadn’t won and without warning moved out a few days later.

Ex Left Out to Dry

Robertson claims that when thinking back, she remembers her ex doing around 15 laundry loads the night before he mysteriously left the house. She mentions that after washing all his clothes, he did not pack them back into his drawers or cupboards.

More so, Thibeault soon after quit his job when he tried to claim his winnings. Robertson however, was hot on the tail of her ex, hiring a lawyer who managed to succeed in getting a court command to prevent him from being paid out by the Ontario lottery. Ontario Lottery also known as OLG was asked to hold off on all payouts until they could determine who exactly could claim the winnings.

Regardless of their attempts OLG did, in fact, release half of Thibeault’s winnings to him after determining that he was owed at least half a portion of the prize money. According to a spokesperson for the lottery, the other half of the jackpot will be paid out to the court who can then determine legally how the funds will be awarded to. Which, according to Richard Pollock, Thibeault’s lawyer could take at least another two to three years to settle. According to Thibeault, no agreement was ever made between him and his ex on lottery tickets and the winning thereof. Further, Thibeault was put under the polygraph exam set out by OLG, and he passed.

Robertson is just hoping to allow a jury to see the case.

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