eSports Gambling Growing in Canada

In 2017, eSports has taken over as one of the biggest events in sports betting. From professional tournaments to casual gaming, this industry is booming. Canadian professional teams earn millions from these events hosted by game developers from across the globe. Added to this, betting on eSports has become as popular as other tournaments.

It’s been a great year for eSports, following the first-ever betting license for operators being issued by the Isle of Man and betting on the games was legalised in Nevada. More so, international bookmakers and fantasy sports operators are offering huge bets for competitions. It has also been projected that the industry will soon have more bettors and viewers than any other sport by 2020.

eSports Gambling Growing - Canada

eSports Tournaments

We’ve already mentioned the popularity of events played by professional eSports teams. In fact, Canadian professionals like Cloud9 and the national team are some of the highest grossing teams in North America. Cloud9 is one such team, specialising in some of the top video games worldwide. These include Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and League of Legends, to name a few. These competitions have prize pools of up to CA$25 million.

At this moment, the official leagues for these tournaments fill up sports stadiums. More so, they are watched through live streams on various platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Added to this, professional gamers make millions on video tutorials using these platforms. Famous gamers like PewDiePie have also caused high controversy while streaming.

New Arenas for eSports

In the gaming industry, operators like Ourgame International Holdings Limited and Las Vegas casinos are attracting tournaments. For example, one of the highly watched tournaments, the League of Legends World Championship, was hosted in North America in 2016. This has led many operators to consider building arenas specifically for eSports.

Additionally, these arenas can be used for tournaments in gambling, like the World Poker Tour (WPT). The WPT is owned by Ourgame International. They plan to spend 416 million Hong Kong Dollars (CA$67 million) on developing these arenas. Of which 125 million HKD (CA$20 million) will be on developing the international eSports network.

Overall Odds for eSports

Since 2016, eSports has made a huge splash in Canada. Currently, our teams are some of the best in North America for a variety of games. While they are considered a part of the fantasy sports industry, it’s clear that they are moving fast into a league of their own. Luckily, CA players can get in on the action with dedicated TV channels and bookmakers. It’s an exciting time for enthusiasts in Canada, so we’ll keep Canadian gamblers in the loop with all the latest gambling news.