Vancouver’s Edgewater Casino to Close this Month

The Edgewater casino in False Creek, Vancouver will shut its doors for the very last time on the morning of September 29th. However, on this very day, just across the road from the West side of BC Stadium, the new Parq Vancouver will open their doors to the public.

Edgewater casino Canada

Edgewater Casino

The Edgewater Casino was approved by the B.C Supreme Court to be sold to Paragon Gaming Inc, in Las Vegas. This occurred in late August of 2006. While doing this, the Supreme Court ensured that operations of the downtown Vancouver facility continued in the Plaza of Nations’ Enterprise Hall.

Before this agreement was made, the casino was hanging on by a thread as bankruptcy protection was assisting to keep it above water until May 2006. Debts to the sum of CA$29 million started piling up from when the Edgewater Casino opened its doors in February 2005 in the Plaza of Nations.

Edgewater and Paragon Gaming

Edgewater was purchased by Paragon with the hopes that a new purpose-built facility would be erected downtown. The Plaza of Nations’ staff members will be required to relocate to the new complex owned by Paragon, once the Edgewater Casino has closed.

Parq Vancouver

The purpose-built casino in Parque Vancouver is double the magnitude of the gaming floor at Edgewater Casino in Enterprise Hall, standing at a whopping 72,000 square feet.

Although the casino floor will be far larger, the number of games available will remain the same. Reason being is that Parq will take over the existing gaming license of Edgewater Casino. The 2013 license only allows for 600 slot machines and 75 table games.

In addition, this new casino will hold 11 private salons whereby guests can enjoy a gaming experience that is considered to be quite exclusive. More so, this exclusive experience will include either in- Salon or lounge dining, along with casino cage, full-service VIP hosts and Poker room.

Parq Vancouver definitely has potential for the future. With the original application calling for around 1500 slot machines and 150 table games to fill the 72,000-square foot gaming space.