Dolphin Treasure Slot Test for Aristocrat & Crown Casino

Australian casino manufacturer Aristocrat Leisure and Casino operator Crown Casino have come under much scrutiny over the operation of the popular Dolphin Treasure Slot game.

Crown Casino Australia
This comes after Adelaide-based women; Shonica Guy filled a lawsuit against Aristocrat and Crown Resorts. Guy claims that the slot machines she has being playing at for 14 years were misleading and deceptive. She is challenging the industry’s assurance that players are returned 85% of their stake through winnings on the slot machines.

The Maurice Blackburn law firm has filed an application with the Federal Court on behalf of Ms Guy to seek a restraint of the supplying of Dolphin Treasure and similarly designed slot machines by Aristocrat and Crown. Further, Ms Guy and her legal team are seeking a statement that the Dolphin Treasure machines are designed to mislead and deceive slot players.

Earlier this year, in September it was revealed by Fairfax Media that Maurice Blackburn would be acting pro bono on in the taking of Crown Casino and Aristocrat to court.

Dolphin Treasure Slot Design

It is alleged that the slot machine is designed to deceive players. The machines show five reels that are of equal size. However, the first four reels contain 30 symbols, while the fifth reel contains 44 symbols.

Maurice Blackburn’s lawyer Jacob Varghese said such design in actual fact makes it harder for the player to walk away with big payouts on the last reel. He further added that the last reel puts the odds in favor of the casino.

The law firm went on to further add that such machines were “rigged” due to the uneven distribution of symbols across the five reels.

Ms Guy has said she is not seeking compensation, if she wins she is hoping it will open a floodgate if claims against Aristocrat, casino operators, and pubs around the country who supply the Dolphin Treasure slot machine and other such designed slot machines.

Since the news of the allegations against Aristocrat and Crown, both companies have seen their shares fall.