World Poker Tour Main Event

The World Poker Tour (WPT) started in February 2018, with the Rolling thunder main event, which commenced on the 2nd February, recently coming to an end. There was a total of 440 players who competed in the tournament which had a buy-in amount of CA$3,500. This means that the prize money was a little more than $1.4 Million.

World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour Main Event Winner

In the final round of the tournament, two players remained, David Larson and Ian Steinman. However, Larson claimed the victory in a head-to-head play, earning himself the title of World Poker Tour Champion. The victory secured Larson a seat at the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions worth $15,000. This is not all, Larson was rewarded 1000 points in the Hublot WPT Player of the Year competition.

Before the tour commenced, Larson had a hard time getting into the final Event. Many days were spent at a California casino trying to get a seat into the satellite tournament. However, he kept missing the opportunity. Nevertheless, this led to him earning some $2000 which he used to cover most of the buy-in for the WPT Main Event.

David Larson

How the World Poker Tour took a turn into Larson’s Favour

Once the Main Event table was finalised, Larson’s chips placed him in 6th place and had to compete to make it to the final round. So, this is what he did, and the event eventually narrowed down to Ian Steinman and Larson.

In the start, Steinman was in the lead, but this did not stop Larson. Larson steadily pulled away and gained ground on Steinman, putting him in first place. The final hand started with Steinman having a few blinds. This led to Larson playing a A-6 when Steinman called with pocket Kings. However, the Kings was of no help as Larson had a full house, which earned him the victory.