Hackers Use Fish Tank Thermometer to Steal Casino’s High-Roller Database

While speaking at the WSJ CEO Council Conference in London last week, Nicole Egan, the CEO of Darktrace (a globally renowned cybersecurity organisation) revealed that hackers once used a smart thermometer in a casino’s fish tank display to steal high-roller database information.

Hackers Fish Tank

Egan did not state when the incident had occurred or name the casino involved. Rather, mention of the incident was made to indicate how online devices has made both individuals and companies vulnerable to having their information stolen.

How Hackers Stole Information Using A Thermometer

The casino in question allegedly made use of an “online thermometer” to keep track of the temperature in the fish tank display used to decorate the lobby. As the thermometer was able to connect to the internet, hackers were able to use the device as a gateway to the casino’s server.

This access allowed the group to steal crucial high-roller information kept in the casino’s database. Remember that all of this was achieved through a device whose purpose is entirely decorative in nature.

Hacker Threat Not Limited to Casinos

Let’s be honest; when most people think of internet security, they do not think of ensuring that a fish tank smart thermometer is properly secure. However, as stated by Egan during the conference, the “internet of things” has made society vulnerable to being hacked through any device that is capable of connecting to the internet and transferring data.

Nowadays, devices such as fridges, washers, microwaves and coffee machines are all able to connect to the internet. However, most of these devices don’t make use of the same security measures used when ensuring a computer network is protected. This opens up the network to being hacked. It is for this reason that security should always be kept in mind when purchasing an internet-enabled device – no matter what it is.

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