New Casino in Carberry, Manitoba creates Employment and Business Opportunities for the Town

Home to only 1669 people, Carberry in Manitoba, Canada has a new First Nation-owned casino in their town.

Running at an annual payroll of $5 million, over 175 full-time workers, 60% being Aboriginal, are employed at Sand Hills Casino, which boasts over 350 slot machines as well as a lounge and restaurant area for patrons.

Carberry Casino Sand Hills

The profits are set to be shared among the province’s 63 nations providing $150 million worth of jobs over its plans of progression.

Carberry Casino to be Big Attraction

The rural municipality of North Cypress within which Carberry sits is known as “King Spud Country” due to the exceptional quality of potatoes that it provides. Sand Hills Casino will be a welcomed attraction to this small town with limited attractions due to the size of the population and may even encourage visitors to their part of the province.

The main focus, however, is on the business and employment opportunities that the casino will provide in this rural area. The 40000+ square foot South Beach Casino & Resort in Scanterbury offers its players over 600 slot machines, a hotel with over 90 guestrooms including 10 grand and 8 luxury suites. Over 250 employees, 50% of which represents the Aborigines population, run the casino and resort with eligible employees given access to health benefits and life plans.

If we were to remove our myopic lenses regarding our worldview of land based casinos, they serve as an economic indicator of development in a population, boosting tourism and the gross domestic income per capita.