Canadian Gambling Industry

The Canadian gambling industry for online casinos is growing rapidly by the day. At the moment, the industry is so big that online casinos are reaching CA$13 Billion a year. The increase in the industry led to the Canadian government imposing to set restriction and implement policies to regulate it.


Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The amendments added to the criminal code of the 1970s brought on the lax quality laws that have been brought forward as of late. However, the laws are still under the review of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC).

Gambling Regulatory for the Canadian Gambling Industry

Canadian gambling industry laws have been severe, with a limited amount of gambling being accepted by the administrators. This can be seen through a basic perusal of the gambling laws which Canada has in place. An improvement in the criminal code of the 1970s surfaced many changes. This was achieved by providing Canadian provinces with the right to license and regulate gambling activities within their regions.

Allowing the provinces to license and regulate their own gambling activities led to a widespread of casinos popping up all across Canada. It also marked the beginning of lotteries sponsored by the state, which still operate today. The 1970s liberalisation led to the progress of sports betting centres springing up nationwide.

Canadian Gambling Industry Laws for Online Gambling

Many Canadian provinces have their own casinos online, with a lot of the wagering outlets offering betting facilities online for punters. Canadians can purchase lottery tickets online. In Canada, it is prohibited for gamblers to participate in the establishment of internet gambling services that have not been approved and licensed by the Canadian government.

canadian gambling laws

How Online Gamblers are Affected by the Laws

The only form of legislation which will cause problems for Canadian citizens that gamble online is that players need to ensure that they are not caught gambling on an illegal site. Therefore, it is not gambling that is a problem, but CA gamblers must play at Canadian government approved gambling houses.