Video Game Evolution

The evolution of video games is something that started off simple and turned into something that provides families with hours of entertainment. As technology advanced, one could only expect video games to get better in terms of graphics and overall gameplay. Such video games have built exciting stories and provide great challenges. However, to take things one step further, the evolution of video games have also provided a new revolution of board games.

1. XCOM: The Board Games

Xcom Board Games Canada

In 2012, Firaxis and 2K rebooted the XCOM video game on PC’s and Consoled with the Enemy Unknown sequel. This game gave players the control of a clandestine task force, who is responsible for beating back the incursion and protecting the humans. In 2015, Fantasy Flight released a board game based on the same theme.

XCOM: The Board Games. Up to 4 players can take a role in the game. When faced with an alien invasion, players will need to quickly respond to the invasion and make decisions based on how to save the humans. Players will also have the challenge of using a limited budget. It has been suggested many times that the board game’s success is solely based on the video game.

2. Mansions of Madness

Board Games-Mansions of Madness Canada

In 2011, the Mansions of Madness App was released which Fantasy Flight soon used the theme of the video game for a board game titled; Mansions of Madness. However, the video game presented a single-player gameplay whereby players take on the “keeper” role and running a story driven scenario which explores the supernatural horror of the 1920’s. In the Mansions of Madness board game, it offers an argumentative gameplay. In the board game investigators, will work together, while the Keeper is responsible managing the monsters and conveying story beats to the rest of the players. In, 2016, Fantasy Flight released a sequel to the app that relegates the Keeper. This second edition version, proves to provide more entertainment with even greater challenges.

3. Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Board Games Canada

This game carries an entirely new theme of Dungeon-diving. This video game features exquisite graphics and an extremely exciting gameplay between overlord-free way to play. The pp features great campaigns and quests that will last hours. Players cannot expect to complete one or two rounds in one evening.