Betway to Sponsor Three eSports Events in 2018

It seems that 2018 is going to be a busy year for Betway as they are scheduled to sponsor three eSports competitions.

Whether we like it or not, eSports, a form of competitive video gaming, is continuing to increase in popularity on a global scale. According to market researchers, 2017 saw eSports make a whopping revenue of CA$696 million, with a head count of 385 million in their audiences. These same market researchers forecast that these numbers will continue to increase exponentially. They estimate that by 2020 eSport will have an audience of 589 million as well as a revenue of CA$1.48 billion.

Betway esports

Betway and eSports

The very first eSports competition was held over 20 years ago. Nowadays, the biggest eSports tournaments are drawing in audiences that could easily outdo traditional sports events. We see this with midweek live streaming events pulling in 100 000+ viewers online.

The volume, however, of leagues and professional competitions continue to grow. In turn, the market for those who wish to place bets on these events continues to increase. This is why Betway Sportsbooks, as well as other international sportsbooks, are jumping at this opportunity to step into this new global phenomenon.

2018 Betway Sponsored eSports Events

We all know that eSports would not be where it is today without the tournaments. More so, the players would not be so popular without them. The largest prize pool for these events have been reaching a staggering CA$24.6 million.

So, which events will Betway sponsor this 2018? On the cards are the following:

  • ESL Intel Extreme Masters
  • ESL One
  • CS: GO Pro League, Seasons Seven and Eight.

Betway made its sponsorship amid the sportsbook sponsoring the ESL One Cologne along with the CS: GO Pro League in 2017. 2017 was a successful year for Betway as they became the first betting partner of ESL One Cologne and CS: Go Pro League.