Amazon HQ location Cut to 20 Cities, Paddy Power Adjusts Odds

Amazon is currently in the process of trying to select a city to be the home of its new corporate headquarters. Amazon is currently the fourth most valuable company in the world and the largest online retailer, so there has been quite a bit of competition to be the location of the new HQ. In total, there were 238 potential cities, but this has recently been cut down to 20. This has caused Paddy Power to adjust the odds it is giving on where the new HQ will be located.

Amazon second headquarters

Toronto in the Running for Amazon HQ

In 2017, Amazon announced its plans to select a city to be the home of its second headquarters. The project is expected to cost CA$6.2 billion and 50 000 employees will work there. Amazon said it was looking for a city with over 1 million residents and there needed to be a large number of skilled technology workers available. Other than that, Amazon hasn’t said what else it would be looking for.

All but one of the remaining 20 cities are located in the United States, but Canada still has one city in the running. Toronto has made it onto the top-20 list, so we’ll see how things go. Currently, according to Paddy Power, Boston is the top contender to be the home of the second headquarters. It currently has odds of 3-1, which have improved from 8-1.

Cities Try to Sweeten Deal for Amazon

As this new headquarters would be a boost to any city, there have been plenty of cities that have tried to do something extra to give them a better chance of being the new home of Amazon’s second headquarters. Boston offered to create an Amazon task Force to help represent the firm’s government interests, while a suburb of Atlanta offered to change its name to Amazon and make the CEO the permanent mayor.

Some notable towns that didn’t make it to the top-20 include Kansas City and Detroit. The mayor of Kansas City has put in a decent amount of effort but was actually relieved not to make it into the top 20. He said that everyone was focused on the benefits of having Amazon come to their city, but that it wasn’t free and there’s always be costs. Las Vegas also dropped out, mainly due to the fact that it was unable to meet the workforce requirements.