Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to Consider Online Bid

A move in the right direction is the fact that Alberta gaming and liquor commission is going to consider an online bid. Following in the footsteps of other provinces, Alberta is in the early stages of considering a government run online gaming option. Currently, online gaming in the province is a “grey” area — neither fully recognized by law nor outlawed. Thus, Albertans who choose to gamble online are playing games operated by offshore websites.

alberta commission to consider one bid

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission’s CEO, Bill Robinson stated in an interview with GlobalNews that Albertans are spending anywhere between $120 million and $150 million on these websites. This is a significant sum and one that could lead to a big profit for the province should it choose to get involved in operating a government run online gaming portal.

Operating a Gaming Site

Operating a gaming site is not as difficult as it may seem and would not necessarily require the province to develop a platform from the ground up. British Columbia and Manitoba, for instance, have partnered with a processor, and the jump to offering online gaming went smoothly. It is quite likely that Alberta would choose to do something similar, although only time will tell if the government decides to work with playnow.com like B.C. and Manitoba did or if they will accept a bid from a different processing company.

Right now, the discussion is still in the early stages, and the AGLC is gathering information about the programs that are available. The goal is to make a decision that will be in the best interest of the majority of the residents of the province.

While this may take a bit of time to sort out, for gamers in Alberta who are interested in what a government-run program looks like, you may want to check out the gaming options in British Columbia or Manitoba for examples.

Who knows, perhaps Alberta will soon be joining these two provinces with successful government-run online gaming operations.