Afro Millions Biggest Jackpot Going Live

Afro Millions is an online lottery site that is operated by Ofertas365 Limited. The lottery website has grown to be what many online lottery casino players call the NPFL (Nigerian Professional Football League) ‘exciting new lotto’.  Being launched recently, Afro Millions permits online players to start purchasing their lottery ticket for Africa’s massive lotto jackpot that is set to take place on the 18th of October 2017.

Afro Millions - Biggest Jackpot in Africa.

Afro Millions –Details About the Upcoming Biggest Jackpot

The online lottery site will be having twice-weekly draws that will be starting at N1 billion (CA$3 483 765). The online lottery will be featuring the most prominent jackpot than all of Nigeria’s online lotteries combined. This will be the largest jackpot ever in the African continent.

If there are no lucky winners, the jackpot will be rolled back. With each draw, the jackpot will increase by N100 million (CAD$348 376) until the jackpot reaches the maximum amount of 2 million Naira.

One of the big benefits of buying an Afro Millions lottery ticket online is the convenience of having to receive an email in the event that you win. Each year, a lot of prizes go unclaimed as a result of players forgetting to check their tickets for the winning numbers constantly.

More so, the lottery website also has nine candy crush style casino-games that gambler can play for fun and still stand a chance to win instant prizes worth up to CA$12 million.

Afro Millions –Details About the Upcoming Biggest Jackpot

Every NFPL  club will have their own separate website. This is to make it easier for their fans to show their support to their desired team.  For each ticket that is purchased, that respective football club will get a certain percentage of the revenue. This will then be used to assist in sponsoring player development, pitch improvements, support community projects and contribute to the stadium projects.


According to the Afro Millions website, the twice-weekly draws’ results will be centred on the German National Lottery winning numbers.  Lastly, the Afro Million lottery tickets can only be purchased directly from their website.