2018 Academy Awards – The Big Winners

The 90th edition of the Academy Awards took place last night and, as is true every year, it proved to be a rather exciting event filled with surprises and moving moments. The Oscars are undoubtedly the most famous award ceremony within the film industry and are well-known for delivering viewers with several talking points after the show due to the number of unexpected award winners and losers each year.

Academy Awards 2018

Academy Awards – Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress Winners

This year saw Mexican director, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water take home the prize for both Best Picture and Best Director. The fantasy drama film follows the story of high-security government lab official who falls in love with a human-like water creature. Despite the traditionally contentious category, the win was not entirely unexpected, with many analysts predicting a win for the film or fellow nominee, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

In terms of individual performances, the night’s two biggest awards (Best Actor and Best Actress in a Leading Role) were given to Gary Oldman for his role in Darkest Hour and Frances McDormand for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. While neither win was very surprising, McDormand’s winning speech has had many talking after the show about social activism and diversity within the mainstream American film industry

Canadian Winners at the Academy Awards

With regards to Canadians winning big at the ceremony, the award show did see three Canucks awarded the ultimate prize for their efforts on the production work of the night’s big winner, The Shape of Water (which, incidentally, was also filmed in Toronto)

With the winners of the 2018 Academy Awards now revealed, it may be time to see exactly what makes some of these films worth receiving the highest honours. Who knows, some of these popular films may even receive slot adaptations in future.