Will the Academy Award Trends Be Hitting the Streets?

With the 88th Annual Academy Awards come and gone, the trends are still a much-discussed topic. Like with any major awards ceremony, there will always be garments that are hot and some that are a total miss. Either way, they are a much-discussed topic.


Such trends often leave the average person wondering how to get a similar look without breaking the bank. There is also the fact that fancy designer gowns can’t be worn every day. So the question remains, where to shop to find an everyday Academy Award winning look?

If we take a look at Brie Larson’s look for example. She accessorised her dress with an embellished belt, drop earrings, and centre parted hair do with a vintage hair clip. To get your everyday look that’s similar, pair long vintage earrings, collar grazing necklaces, jewelled bracelets and costume jewellery. Use these to accessories with a preppy sweater and jeans, and you will be looking just as trendy.

When considering what shoes to wear to your next meeting, don’t forget that the perfect shoe will never go underestimated, even if it can’t be seen. At the 88th Annual Academy, Charlize Theron wore the most exquisite single sole, golden sandal. Even though they were barely visible under her long red Dior dress, the hint of metallic and glamour made all the difference to her outfit. You can take this look to your everyday wardrobe with a silver loafer or sneaker. For evening wear, it’s a fashion must keep a pair of glamorous golden sandals tucked away in your wardrobe.

You don’t have to spend thousands to look like your favourite star. With these few tips, hit your favourite stores to find some trendy items that will make you feel like you are attending the Oscars.