Features You Want in Your Online Casino

The days of getting dressed up and traveling to your favorite casino are over. You can now sit in bed in your pajamas and enjoy your favorite casino game in comfort. However, choosing the right online casino is often difficult. There are many options available. Finding a trustworthy, reliable, and fair place to play online requires a little time and effort. It’s tempting to sign-up for the first casino you come across, but resist that temptation. Online gambling is much safer than it once was; unfortunately, there are still some illegitimate companies that are scamming people out of their money. This article will give you eight specific features you should look for in an online casino.

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Features to Look Out For

Country of Origin

Online gaming is conducted in a virtual world, but customers need to identify the companies that are behind these online sites. Find out the country of origin for any gaming website. Certain countries have stringent laws regarding their online gaming businesses. There’s strict oversight and ways in which patrons can pursue grievances if they feel they have a complaint. Make sure there’s a gaming authority or commission that you can appeal to in case of a dispute. There are just as many countries that allow online gaming with little oversight. These are the countries and companies you want to stay away from.

Sign-up Bonuses

One of the major benefits of gambling online is the great bonuses offered. Most land-based casinos don’t offer these same bonuses. Sign-up bonuses are obtained when you first begin playing. You’re rewarded for registering an account and for your first several deposits. Great bonuses should be used in conjunction with the other tips, not as the only determining factor. There are some fraudulent companies that’ll offer huge bonuses to get you to sign-up. They know you don’t have a chance to win or they don’t intend on paying if you do.

Sign-up bonuses are one of the benefit features of online play. Evaluate them and use them advantageously, but don’t get lured into playing at a less than reputable casino simply because it’s offering the biggest bonuses.

Customer Service 24/7/365

A legitimate online casino should have multiple ways for you to contact it anytime you need assistance. One of the luxuries of online gaming is the convenience of playing when you want. Therefore, companies need to provide assistance at any time of the day. Customers should have their problems addressed immediately with friendly, helpful service.

Player Loyalty Program

As a player, you shouldn’t only receive bonuses for signing up, but you should receive rewards for your overall play. Some casinos will lure you in with large incentives. Once you’re there, though, the benefits stop. Make sure there’s some type of loyalty program that features at your chosen casino.

Easy Withdrawals

Almost every online casino will make it as easy as possible to deposit money, but only the best will make it just as easy to withdraw it. For years, gamblers around the world faced the frustration of trying to withdraw money from online gaming sites. Companies would make you wait weeks to receive your payout and some wouldn’t pay at all. Sites will provide multiple options for deposits. Make sure these same options are provided for withdrawals and the wait times are reasonable.

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Game Selection

Review the games available before you begin play. Don’t set up an account, deposit money, and suddenly realize the casino doesn’t offer your favorite game. Make sure the casino has a variety of games — specifically, the games you’re interested in playing. Also, check the rules of each game to make sure they’re beneficial to the player. Rule variations can impact the advantage the casino has over the player.

Social Media Presence

One of the ways you can tell the legitimacy of an online gaming site is its involvement in social media. Reputable sites are involved in the world-wide community and invite customers to interact. They’re in constant communication with those who use their site. They listen to the voices that are most important -their customers. Companies that don’t have a social media presence may have something to hide.

Reputable Third-Party Oversight

Not only should there be oversight from the gaming commission in the jurisdiction of the company’s location, but every casino needs to be monitored and audited by a reputable third-party. These companies provide regulation and assurance that the casinos are using valid programs to provide completely random and fair odds. These regulators will also monitor the payback percentages for the casino games. Payback is the percentage of money the casino is returning to the players in winnings. There are several reputable companies, but eCOGRA is known as the industry leader.

The first online gambling site was launched in August of 1996. Today, there are  thousands of online casinos to choose from. It can be overwhelming. Use these eight features as a guideline to help you decide which casino is right for you. Once you find a site where you feel safe and secure, there’s only one thing left to do — have fun!