3 Reasons Why Online Gambling is Better Than Land-based Casinos

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Where’s there’s busy buzzing bees, there is bound to be sweet honey. Online casino’s account for one third of the online gambling market, estimated to be worth €321 billion in total. The honey, of course, lies in the benefits that they offer players, which can be summarized into three main advantages.

Online casino vs land based

Physical Safety

While James Bond is always a guest at a fancy hotel, a majority of the global population visit casinos for a set duration of time, knocking down a few beers in the process. With online gambling, there are no accidents, fines or arrests. More benefits: no hijackings, muggings or fights with a drunk granny over ‘her’ machines.

Cutting to the chase – Financial Gain

According to Microsoft Advertising, “Online players are motivated primarily by financial gain, whereas land-based players are more interested in the quality of facilities and games available than in their prospects of breaking the bank.”

FACT: A land based casino visit brings with a hefty bill for those absorbing the atmosphere and its various non-amenities. For players less interested in the scenery, looking to make financial gain, regulated online casino’s provide the same level of fairness as any martini or gogo girl laden casino could give to them. Also, online gamblers have the opportunity to smack their money on a digital table and find out almost instantly if they won. No mess no fuss.

Playing the field online – Free Bonuses

While pub crawling may be an attractive activity of choice for serious drinkers, casino players who play at land based casinos have all their coins in one basket. They seldom casino-crawl.

Online gambling allows players to sign into many casinos within a short period of time, playing the field by testing various casino bonuses and match offers before “settling” for a brand. Of course, brand loyalty is low among online casino players who span many online casinos in a lifetime, sometimes in one night, a true definition of James Bond.

It’s clear that land based casinos are more of a social choice to players who value one atmosphere over another. For those that are more money savvy and intend on producing financial gain, online casinos are the way to go. Given the growth of the online gaming industry within the past 10 years, this popular choice of in-home entertainment will continue to entertain for years to come.