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5 Reel 20 Line Slots are some of the most popular slots in Canada, with 20 ways to win while spinning the reels. At CA’s top online casinos, you’ll find a wide range of 5 Reel 20 Line Slots. All of our top picks for online slots boast superior gaming features like graphics, sound quality and playability. At the finest Canadian online casinos, you’ll have an authentic casino experience from the comfort of your own home.

Not only do our top online casinos boast high-end graphics, but as a gamer at Maple Casino, you’ll also experience plenty of prize-winning opportunities, bonus features and of course the thrill of the spin! Some popular themes include: blockbuster hits, tv-themed slots, Halloween, space aliens and so much more. You’ll find a wider variety of online slot titles at an online casino in Canada. Since any land-based casino you’d find in Montréal or Las Vegas would have limited space for slot machines.

5 Reel 20 Line Slots - Canada


What are 5 Reel 20 Line Slots?

Simply put, slot machines are categorized by the number of reels they have. Reels are the vertical elements that spin once a button is pushed. Slot games normally have three, five or seven reels and will further be categorized by the number of columns they have. The columns on a slot game are referred to as paylines. Traditionally, the majority of 5-reel slots will have 20 paylines. Each online slot will feature a set of unique rules. For peace of mind, we recommend reading through each game’s rules before playing. Some top online slots at Canadian casinos include:

  • Golden Princess
  • Lucky Leprechaun
  • Adventure Palace

Other 5-Reel Slot Games:

Why Play 5 Reel 20 Line Slots?

3-reel slots are also a popular online casino game choice and hail back to the classic slot machine games. You could choose to play 3-reel slots however, 5-reel video slots tend to be the most popular when it comes to casino games. As 5-reel slots are the top played games for most online gamers, there is a broad range of variations to play at CA casinos. In addition, 5 Reel 20 Line Slots include great bonus games and in-game features that are guaranteed to keep you spinning.

It’s important to note that some slots require you place the maximum bet. Do this and you might just be the lucky person that hits that amazing jackpot. Have the right gaming strategy and the right amount of luck and you might just win big. So try some great 5 Reel 20 Line Slots at Canada’s top rated online casinos chosen for you by Maple Casino.